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  • World Down Syndrome Day 2019

    March 21 is celebrated as World Down Syndrome Day. This day was so declared by the UN in the year 2012 to signify the triplication of the 21st chromosome. Since then the UN has organized events to commemorate the day as a celebration of persons with Down syndrome.

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  • EDSA Success Stories

    "I can ,and I will...." with this belive,adnan was able to finally reach his destination and got his dream job Adnan was sucessfully recruited at gyma Food Industries Dubai as a "Sweet Artiest"...

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  • Change makers from Nepal

    Grisma Pant 18years age is the only child in the family. As she is a female child the mother pressurized to have another child and 2yrs back she had 2 spontaneous miscarriages...

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