Country Report – by G.A.W.G. Galgamuwa

My self and Dr.Dayarathna koralage participated as the Directors of the "Jinendhi Resourse Centre for Down Syndrome " Srilanka . But JRCDS have establised with a wider vision . As such we work for down syndrom children in srilanka as a whole .

During the last two months the following activities were implemented with the support of the relavant Government organisations .Department of education and National youth servicices council.

1. We assisted and actively partcipated in organising the two talent shows . 1. Children with Special needs .

2. My company Amasa study abroad organised an Education Fair "Youth Vision 2017" on the 17th and 18th of january . Its is a fund raising project for JRCFDS . 15 universities from India , 3 universities from thailand and Austraila were participated. Her excelency Assistant High commisioner for India in kandy was the chief guest of the event . Hon. Chief minister partcipated for the closing ceremony. The beauty of the event was my daughter Jinendhi received the chief guest and became the centre for attraction of the event . Indirectly aiming to build up a " Caring community for Down Syndrome."

2. We have initiated an island wide membership drive programe in association with the youth clubs of the National youth Federation in srilanka .

3. Planing to do a training programe for the special education teachers in the kandy district in colloboration with the Amarical college . Hoping to invite Professionals from India . They are partnes of JRCFDS.

Newly proposed DSF Srilanka

Already two committee meetings were held at my office premisies . We had discusions and still the name of the organisation is the main issue . I my self voluntarily preparing the constitution . 2nd meeting was held on the 5th March 2017 .

I proposed the name as the Down Syndrome Federation Srilanka .i have already tentatevely registered the name as DSF srilanka . But some wants to go for another name . Its a little sensitive issue . We have not taken a decission in this regards . But we will be taking a decission very soon after tabling the two names to all the members . Its a new independent organisation as such i as the president propose the commitee not to send the miniutes of the meetings to APDSP as it is not a branch of APDSF. This was accepted by the commitee . But after establising the organisation will be sending a request to join the APDSF.