Bridging the Gap - an Indo-Nepal Initiative

Dr. Surekha Ramachandran and her team went to Nepal in a bid to bring about change in perceptions about persons with down syndrome. Persons with Down syndrome have been considered people who cannot work and would be dependent on their parents or others to support them. However Dr. ramachandran and team went to Nepal to prove this notion wrong.

The main aim of this visit was to train a few students of Down syndrome Association of Nepal on weaving, which is a constant activity at the Down syndrome center – Mathru Mandir. Mr. Mohan, the Weaving Unit head of Mathru Mandir accompanied Dr. Ramachandran along with Mr. Aditya, a student and a person with Down syndrome and Arti Krishnamoorthy – another livewire person with Down syndrome. The inauguration of the loom was done by the Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City- Mr. Bidya Sundar Shakya who was visibly impressed by the enthusiasm of the crowd and the go-getter attitude of persons with Down syndrome. Dr. Lalita Joshi, President of the Down Syndrome Association of Nepal and the driving force behind such initiatives was there to greet the gathering.

The loom was set and training for the members – both with Down syndrome and the others was done with great gusto. The loom came as a harbinger of hope for all parents of persons with Down syndrome who felt that there was a good future for their children.

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