APDSF Meet at Singapore

The next meeting of the APDSF was held at Singapore from the 2nd to the 4th of December 2016. Dr. Shaji Thomas was the Chair of the meeting. At the meeting, discussions ranging from committee formation to scientific advancements were discussed. Delegates from 13 countries in the AP region participated in the event. Various eminent speakers like Dr. Jeffery Chan and Dr. Dean Nizetic shared their expertise with the audience. There was a discussion on how the Singapore Down Syndrome Association was formed which was a learning for various members who are yet to form their associations. Everything from therapy to sports was discussed at the event and it was a great experience for all the attendees.

During the meeting, Mr. N. Ramachandran was unanimously elected as the President of the APDSF for a 3 year term.

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Minutes of the Discussions

Scientific discussions - APDSF - Forming the body